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Solar Safari & Sustainability

Posted by Leigh-Ann on Thu June 15, 2023 in iSimangaliso Wetlands, Community and Conservation Contribution , and Biodiversity.

Makakatana Bay Lodge has recently joined the growing number of African safari lodges who have opted to go solar. We recently implemented a greener energy supply solution that will help us reduce our dependence on the very strained power grid in South Africa.

When the main grid goes down or has load-shedding power outages, the only option was to use a diesel generator as a backup power source. However, with our new solar installation, we have transitioned to cleaner energy, reducing our reliance on the grid and freeing up power for communities in need.

Solar power is rapidly becoming an essential component of the African Safari Experience, as bush lodges across Africa embrace renewable energy alternatives. These cleaner energy options not only provide a better alternative but also contribute to a more enjoyable African safari experience. Makakatana has greatly benefited from solar power, especially considering the unreliability of South Africa's traditional power supply, particularly in remote areas. While diesel generators still serve as a necessary backup, they can be noisy and disruptive. At Makakatana, our generator is located 1km away from the lodge and is reserved solely for emergencies.

We are pleased to report that guest satisfaction has improved since implementing solar power, and our carbon footprint has significantly decreased. Additionally, our staff village now receives the power it needs, positively impacting our employees. We prioritise various environmental issues, including our long-standing commitment to avoiding light pollution. We recognise that travellers are more likely to choose accommodations that have implemented sustainable practices because, like us, they care about their environmental impact. It is crucial for all of us to transition towards greener energy sources.

As an integral part of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, we understand the importance of preserving this precious UNESCO World Heritage Site. We remain conscious of various environmental issues and strive to make a positive impact.

A departing point to ponder is "light pollution." At Makakatana, we have carefully designed our walkways with down lights to ensure that they don't distract from the beauty of the dark nights adorned with stars. It is disheartening to witness how our skies are often marred by the light pollution caused by human activity. However, at Makakatana, we take immense pride in our efforts to combat this issue. So, when you arrive here, we encourage you to look up and marvel at the breathtaking sight of our unobstructed, star-filled skies.

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