Community and Conservation Contribution

What we use the Community and Conservation Contribution for

Solar Safari & Sustainability

Posted by Leigh-Ann on Thu June 15, 2023 in iSimangaliso Wetlands, Community and Conservation Contribution , and Biodiversity.

Makakatana Bay Lodge has recently joined the growing number of African safari lodges who have opted to go solar. We recently implemented a greener energy supply solution that will help us reduce our dependence on the very strained power grid in South Africa.

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Guilt free Vegan Fudge Recipe

Posted by Leigh-Ann on Tue April 18, 2023 in Community and Conservation Contribution .

Tired of being served fruit salad as vegan with a sweet tooth?
Planning a safari to a luxury bush lodge in St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal but are worried what Vegan food you are going to be served? 🤔
At Makakatana, our chefs have some seriously delicious secret sweet recipes. Some of these recipes have been shared with us, and we are happy to share them with you too.

"BUT WAIT" you ask ....... 'surely you don't share secret recipes'?

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Community and Conservation Contribution from our Amazing Guests at Makakatana Bay Lodge

Posted by Nadia on Fri March 19, 2021 in Community and Conservation Contribution .

Since we reopened after Lockdown in September 2020, we decided to bring in a Conservation and Community Contribution (or in the old lingo - a "levy"). At only R80 per person per day, it is not much, but it has already helped make a difference, that we can assure you. We are extremely grateful to all our guests who have helped so far, and are happy to share this update with you.

We divided the funds raised up between our local initiatives:
African Wildlife Vets
Destiny House Children's Home
Vukukhanye Development Project

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